Anywhere but Here

Today has sucked so far. I change my skins quite frequently, I get bored pretty easily lol

Skin; Kento – Cherish T2, Hair Base

Hair; NSD – Ash – Espresso

Glasses; Alphavillain – Samuel Glasses, Tortoise Shell, clear

Shirt; Kal Rau – Black V-Neck

Teeth; [PXL] – Mouth Add On

Cigarette & Coffee; Hermony

I’ve been asked where I got my name from, or what made me choose my name, specifically the “cocaine” in it. Well, theres a free 80’s inspired hip-hop and r&b mixtape made by a few producers with appearances from Common, Phonte, The Roots. It’s called “Cocaine80s”, and the idea behind that is that the 80s was a great era, a “dope” era if you will, cocaine and dope are synonymous and there you go. So that’s my inspiration behind the name Kid Cocaine. Originally I had the ideas of Cocaine Fresh, Pure Cocaine amongst other ideas. Check out the mixtape, if you have a twitter all you need to do is retweet a tweet from the main producer and you get directed to a download link.

If you don’t have twitter… then… well you’re missing out! 😛 but seriously im sure there’ll be other sites hosting it.

Take a listen to one of my favourite songs on it


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