Forever Wilde

So let me fill you in; my RL job has been kicking my schedule all off course, plus dealing with some stuff RL too, that’s just had my emotions all over the place. But don’t worry! I didn’t cry, ‘cuz i’m a thug, and we dont cry.

I went to this sim today, with my girlfriend – it’s called Everwilde, and it’s beautiful, such great scenery, amazing landscaping and fantastic attention to detail. Every inch of it is immaculate. They’re currently holding a photo contest, but honestly the sim is so beautiful you’ll want to take photo’s there even without the need for a contest as an incentive. Take a look!

Speaking of looks – mine is inspired by smart casual, a crisp white polo top, chino trousers and a hat. Can’t go wrong with that on a nice Summer day.

Hat – DP**yumyum

Polo shirt – Doppelganger

Trousers – Doppelganger

Facial hair – Sacred

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – LAQ

Skin – Sacred


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