We going Gorillas!

“What does that even mean?”
“Who, cares? It’s provocative!”
“No it’s not! It’s-”
“It gets people GOING!”

The Jay-Z and Kanye West album has been on heavy rotation lately.

It’s back to school season! In England, it’s common for schools to have a uniform, unlike America – so there was no need for me to go school clothes shopping, except for those darn smart black shoes, and maybe a new blazer. So I took inspiration from that and used the uniform/smart casual look as my next post.

It just so happened that Nanuk made this fantastic sweater top around the same time, looks so realistic right? I purchased it as a 50L Friday, but i’m sure you’ll be able to buy it soon. Also Nanuk has a new home and new LM as a result you should really go see it, it’s a great building thats equally as creatively detailed and innovative as his products. (can you tell Nanuk is one of my favourite stores yet?) Plus it has a portrait of Mos Def hanging up, who’s one of my favourite rappers. That’s enough reason alone to go see it.

Such a beautifully sculpted bag from Kari – it was an exclusive at the Mens’ 24 event that ended recently. I want one of these IRL.

Look –

Skin – BodyCo 

Eyes & Shirt – Nanuk (new location)

Ears & Jeans – Aitui

Hair – NSD

Bag – Kari


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