Hol’ Up

2 Posts in 2 days?

This is like catching an unexpected meteor shower, or… something really rare, like… a special pokemon.

But here I am, posting twice in two days and giving all you you have been visiting my page frequently something more to look at. I’ve been bored all day tbh, I don’t even know whats new in SL anymore, I rarely visit other blogs, purely because i’m lazy. But Flickr has become my new best friend and I keep finding wonderful bloggers posting things that makes me realise how much i’m slacking.

I’m rambling. And yes i’m bare feet.

Check out my Mesh Eyes! From MayFair Not gonna lie, it took me a while to get adjusted to them, but the amazing detail in them makes it worth the patience. They have over 60 colour selections and they’re all amazingly detailed I really wasn’t sure where to begin and when to stop. (I bought like 5 (._. ) no regrets though!)

I got my jacket a little while ago, and forgot about it, so I decided to wear it out, before I forget it’s existence all together. It’s from Aoharu and you can expect beautifully detailed designs from them.

T-Shirt is from Graph, one of my favourite stores – purely because their store is the kind of style that I love.

Everything else has been blogged previously.

That’s it, hollerrrr



  1. Ed

    Hey, I found your blog through IheartSL and I’ll continue to read/steal from it. I really like the look of those shorts, but I read back and can’t find anything about them. I spend most of my time on SL trying to find colourful (but well made) clothing, so do you mind my asking where you bought them? Thanks.

    • kidcocaine

      No problem, I got them from a gacha event at Nerd.P I can’t quite remember if they’re still being sold unfortunately, but it’s worth a try! Hope that helps 🙂 Thank you for continuing to return!

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