Drawing the line

So I didn’t log onto SL for like maybe just over a week, and apparently I missed some great blogging opportunities.
Ah well, i’ll catch up at some point.
The mesh pants from Amerie are great wearing them all the time.
But the new Entente store? That’s about to my new hunting ground, I had to limit myself from buying pretty much everything from there lol.
Literally hold myself back, and force my friend to TP me out.

I received a skin from the owner of [dekade] gotta say I love the new look of my avi and how it all turned out.

That’s about it.

I’m in love with Amerie.

I’m in love with [dekade]

and i’m in love with Entente.


In fact those are the only things i’m wearing ‘cept for the hat which is from Nerd.p (previously blogged) and the shirt from nuxx (again previous blogged)

Cardigan, hair, hairbase and freckles from Entente

Skin from dekade

pants (even though you cant see them) from Amerie


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