Paris, Tokyo

“Let’s go to sleep in Paris
Wake up in Tokyo
Have a dream in New Orleans
Fall in love in Chicago….”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIC! Their Anniversary is on, and as a result dozens of great designers are all allocated at the CHIC sim to help celebrate.

The Sweatshirt from Sheep Door immediately caught my eye, as did the suit from Cheerno, both of which i’m wearing. They both come in a range of vibrant colours to make sure to check em out!

Taxi to the CHIC sim

Other items i’m wearing;

Necklace – Entente- Chapelet Necklace

Hair – [Atro Patena] – Max Black

Jewellery – Epoque [ (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings (epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold (epoque.s) Brainwash Ring – Chrome]

Teeth – [:T:] Parted lips

Trousers – [Pumpkin] Tight pants

Shoes – -Entente- Christian Loafers


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