Basically, i’m wearing a grey sweater and black jeans with some accessories. Boring huh?

Accessories can make and break your outfit, don’t let anybody tell you differently.

Sweater – Arai (closing down Dec. 31 everything is at least 50% off until then)

Jeans – Cestar

Boots & Scarf – J U D A S

Earrings – Epoque

Hat – LETHAL – label whore snapback gold [noir]

Chain – 2LAG 


Shout out to Arai, and the entire switch sim. When I was getting a feel for male fashion in SL nearly 3 years ago (inspired by the likes of Kevin, Galliano, VO,  (ir)regular guy & tact) I discovered the switch sim, Arai & Ninikoboy particularly have been with me on this entire journey, I have pretty much 90% of their stuff in my inventory. No exaggeration.

Before the sim closes, get yourself some things from both stores, it’s so cheap right now and visit the other stores too, it’s a huge sim that’s gonna be missed by yours truly.

until next time


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