About The Kid

DISCLAIMER; despite the name – I do not endorse, nor celebrate, or engage in the use of any kind of drugs. Except the corny stuff like love and music. Kid Cocaine heralds from the street slang of the word “dope” when something is “dope” it’s fly, it has a swag about it, connotations of the word “dope” – it’s crack, it’s cocaine. see the connection? Maybe i dunno it’s like 2am and i’m rambling, but bottom line is I dont do drugs, and neither should you!

I am celebrating and appreciating style. All styles. Breaking down racial and cultural barriers, and cross-pollinating all styles to produce that pure cocaine, the pure dope. This is more than a style book, lookbook or whatever it is you call it, i’m trying to journal my second life journey and hopefully inspire some looks in the process.

I change my face quite often, I get bored very easily, and I like to look different from everyone else from time to time.

I hope you enjoy this adventure with me.

Kid Cocaine



    • kidcocaine

      i appreciate the comment my dude! sorry about the lateness of my reply, i had a small sabbatical, a collab sounds good, I am awful with time keeping though I must confess haha hit me up on fb/flickr or possibly sl if you can

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