Hey guys,

thank you for following Kid Cocaine for the last 2 and a half years, I felt as though i’ve out grown the name and with that i’m progressing in a different direction.

My new Blog URL is:

Pronounced; overdose

I wont be updating this blog anymore, all the links on this blog can also be found on there.

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The Kid

Sketches of pain


sketches of pain

This jacket from COCO is pretty much all i’m gonna be wearing for a long time.

It fits perfectly with the ISON Homme jeans too.


Jacket – Coco Homme

Jeans – ISON

Shoes – Hoorenbeek

Hat – Eater’s Coma

Earrings – Epoque

Hairbase – Unorthodox

Necklace – 2Lag

The Times


thetimes thetimes2


Left Look –

Skin – The Shops Yves

Jacket – Ronsem

Inner Shirt – ::K:: (new!)

Trousers – Overhigh (new!)

Shoes – Mr Poet


Right Look –

Shirt – Xiaj (new!)

Jeans – ISON

Boots – J’s
























Eternal Sunshine


Left look

Jacket – Barmaley (new!)

Jeans – ISON

Shoes – D I R V A L

Hat – Alright

Pose – Poseology (@ the men’s dept)

Center Look

Shirt – NotSoBad (new!)

Jeans – NotSoBad

Boots – J’s

Pose – Poseology (@ the men’s dept)

Right Look

Coat – ::K:: ( @ The Mens Dept)

Jeans – ISON

Shirt – Joint

Shoes – Mr Poet